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Unlike other banking networks, IBOS provides the full range of in-country services to help clients grow and meet their particular needs, including:

The same range of global services clients would have access to locally, including Credit, FX, deposit and investment services and facilities, as well as electronic banking and statements.

Local expertise and efficient local payment (MT101), cash management and treasury services.

Effective solutions accessible to clients of all IBOS member banks at lower rates.

Streamlined account opening through unified processes and documents for all bank members and their corporate client.

Same day transactions in any country, at the same rate – no international transaction delays, checks, or extortionate fees.

Previous-Day and Intra-day Balance and Transaction Reporting.

Complete liquidity management, including cross-border sweeping and cross-border payments (MT101 and MT103.

Automated Cross-Border ZeroBalancing in Euro - Corporate client resources are collected in one pot from across bank accounts in different countries and member banks (Aggregation of account information and concentration of multi-currency balances).

Credit cards, payments and cash facilities - ATM/POS fees are unified. No cross-currency differences anywhere in the world - it’s as if you’re taking money out from your own bank.

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