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How It Works

The IBOS portal enables collaboration between international members, for a seamless banking experience. Find out how you can manage referrals, create broadcasts, and stay up to date on external news from within the portal. Request a demo today.

Make referrals

Make a referral in just a few simple steps. Access extensive information about each bank, covering pricing options, service details and referral criteria. After selecting your preferred account-holding bank, simply complete the referral form. If necessary, you can even save your progress and return to it later.

Receive referrals

Manage referrals all in one place. Update the status of a referral, notifying the host bank whether it’s in progress, rejected or completed. You can also provide clear instructions for the host bank to follow. Each change is documented in the audit trail, ensuring complete visibility throughout the process.

Send broadcasts

Keep everyone up to date with broadcasts. Write a message and attach a file, informing members of important news, updates and processes. Before sending the broadcast, take a moment to review the format using the preview option. You can then choose who will receive the broadcast, ensuring it reaches relevant members.

Analyse data

Have referral data at your fingertips. By applying filters, you can analyse the inbound and outbound referrals associated with a particular bank. This data is presented through tables and graphs, offering a visual snapshot of information. However, you can also analyse the details of specific referrals.

Access resources

Gain insight into our operations. You can read our business model, guides, reports and newsletters. There is even the option of reviewing meeting minutes, keeping you informed about every aspect of the web portal. This information is readily available to all members of the portal.