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Ulster Bank has joined the IBOS international banking network as a full member, which enables us offer banking services in Ireland to clients of other IBOS member banks, and also allows us offer the services of these banks to our Irish client base who continue to expand globally.

Ulster Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland, and was founded 178 years ago. The bank meets the needs of approximately 1.9 million personal and business customers through 213 outlets across the island of Ireland, with a Business Banking presence in every county in Ireland.

Ulster Bank provides clients with a full service bank offering, and delivers banking services to personal and business customers of all sizes. For companies coming to Ireland Ulster Bank can meet all the local banking needs of the company, and can also provide personal accounts for employees and executives locating to Ireland with the company.

Where the RBS network cannot facilitate Ulster Bank clients that require banking relationships overseas, we rely on the other banks within the IBOS network to provide these services for our clients, which is an invaluable resource to have access to.

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