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The Worldwide Finance Awards

Following our nomination at this year’s Worldwide Finance Awards, we are honoured to have been presented as the Best Global Banking Network 2020.

The awards, run by Acquisition International, aim to recognise and reward the highest international achievements within the finance industry. Based on dealings conducted over the last 12 months, AI researched and investigated every nominee and collated profiles for each of the category winners, detailing their attainments. You can read our AI profile here.

So, how did we achieve this award?

Through determination, adaptation and innovation, IBOS have taken local banking services international and secured the Best Global Banking Network 2020 award in the process.

With the aim of making global banking easier to access for both businesses and clients, we have revolutionised local banking services to be unrestricted by location.

Through the digital collaboration of commercial banks all over the world, including NatWest, Santander and the Royal Bank of Canada, we are able to offer customers a much simpler form of global banking. Providing access to all banking services including electronic bank statements, liquidity management, credit, deposit and investment facilities and multicurrency balances, customers can now manage their accounts across a number of jurisdictions, without the risks associated with exchange rates.

Thanks to IBOS, international companies and local banks have been connected and can now provide their customers with local services and support wherever they may be.

Why it was time to go digital and go global.

From the midst of the ongoing global pandemic emerged an obvious need for all local banking services to be offered digitally and internationally.

Having worked remotely ourselves, digital communication and support became key to effectively meeting the needs of our international partners and clients, and allowed us to recognise the true value of online banking services. That’s when we decided that more needed to be done to extend banking facilities beyond a user’s local branch.

Now, with IBOS, all the information that a network member needs is stored in a single location online, and can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world.

It was from this continuous innovation and adaptation, that IBOS secured the award for The Best Global Banking Network 2020.

What’s next for IBOS?

Since revolutionising the global banking system and attending the Worldwide Finance Awards, we have continued to innovate online banking systems, starting with the digitisation of essential KYC and AML measures during the account opening process. By digitally implementing these protective systems, we can provide our members and their underlying clients with a safer and more time efficient regulatory on-boarding process, while facilitating secure access to protected documents.

Pursuing and prioritising global accessibility, IBOS continues to work to create a seamless digital banking experience that is efficient and safe for users all over the world.

For updates on our continued progress and growing partnerships, check the IBOS News page.