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IBOS member US Bank has made agreements with seven leading data aggregator and fintech companies, bolstering API efforts.

These agreements will make it easier, faster and more secure for customers to connect their US Bank account information with third party applications.

The agreements come as US Bank builds up its new U.S. Bank Developer Portal. The portal contains APIs, or application programming interfaces, that enable developers to quickly build innovative services that securely connect to select US Bank account information, as directed by the customer.

The Developer Portal APIs are designed to industry standards and comply with Financial Data Exchange (FDX) guidelines. US Bank is a founding board member of FDX, which works with other financial institutions, data aggregators, and fintechs to create a standard and framework for consumer-permissioned data sharing across the industry.

Among the seven companies that have entered into agreements with US Bank, are:

  •  DecisionLogic, a pioneer in advanced bank verification solutions that enables lenders to instantly qualify potential borrowers based solely on their banking histories.
  •  eMoney Advisor, a leading financial planning platform that serves more than 60,000 financial professionals and 4 million households in the US.
  •  FileThis, a document aggregation platform that securely retrieves and organises bills, bank, tax, and other personal finance statements.
  •  Finicity, a leading provider of consumer permissioned financial data, access and insights.
  •  MX Technologies, the leading data platform for financial institutions that enables clients and partners to collect, enhance, analyse, present and act on financial data.


Read the full press release via US Bank here