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IBOS member US Bank has introduced AP Optimizer, a digital tool that simplifies and transforms invoice processing and payments for businesses within a single system.

Additionally, with AP Optimizer, organisations can reduce costs, create rebate opportunity and better manage working capital.

Jeff Jones, Head of Corporate Payment and Treasury Solutions at US Bank, commented: “Our customers will have the ability to transform workflows and payments to a digital solution with improved visibility, embedded security and fraud mitigation tools.” 

AP Optimizer connects businesses to the established Bottomline Paymode-X network of 425,000 suppliers. Businesses can start paying suppliers in the network immediately upon implementation.

By integrating with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms, customers can quickly eliminate costly manual processes through the migration to electronic payment methods, whilst also having an opportunity to earn rebates.

US Bank continues to develop its digital banking offer, as proven by connecting with a large B2B electronic payment network. With AP Optimizer, this allows business customers to have an integrated payables solution offering both virtual pay and ACH leveraging its existing ERP system.

Read the full press release via US Bank here