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IBOS member US Bank is the first to offer mobile payments for Visa Commercial Travel Card clients with Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay.

This new functionality allows commercial cardholders to conveniently and securely pay on-the-go with compatible devices, making US Bank the first financial institution to offer a mobile payment solution for Visa corporate card transactions.

Jeff Jones, President of US Bank Corporate Payment Systems, commented:

“Business travellers are increasingly expecting the same convenience and security in their business transactions as they experience with their personal transactions.

Consumer use of mobile payments is growing every day. Launching a corresponding capability for business travellers is the next logical step. This new functionality is a great compliment to our US Bank Access Online mobile app. Together, they become a powerful mobile toolkit for managing commercial card accounts on the go.”

As with consumer transactions, mobile payments offer further security, protecting sensitive credit card information and reduces the opportunities for fraud as the actual card numbers are not stored on the device or at the retailer. More consumers are adapting to mobile payments in their personal life, and expect the same convenient payment solution when they are working and travelling in their personal life.

Read the full press release, via US Bank, here.