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IBOS member UniCredit Bank introduces fingerprint payments in Smart Banking, making it possible to complete payments in a quick, convenient and secure manner in the Smart Banking mobile application.

Last year, UniCredit Bank was the first bank in the Czech market to introduce the fingerprint technology in smartphones to its mobile banking. Now, UniCredit introduces a new way that clients may use their fingerprint more effectively, for a faster and more secure way of completing payments.

Carmelo Minardi, Director of Multi-Channel Banking, UniCredit Bank, commented:

“The most important thing in every relationship is to truly listen. Here, at UniCredit Bank, we have made the wishes of our clients come true. The outcome is a unique innovation allowing them to confirm payments up to CZK 5,000 in the mobile Smart Banking by using only a fingerprint.”

In order to ensure that the client’s personal data is secured and protected, fingerprints are neither saved nor sent to the bank’s server, and Smart Banking also uses the fingerprint technology in the user’s smartphone.

Radek Jirka, Manager of Direct Banking, UniCredit Bank, said:

“Fingerprint payments bring clients extra comfort and speed when making their transactions from a mobile phone. To send money using a fingerprint is just as convenient and fast as to pay for your shopping with a contactless card at the cash-desk with a beep.”

Read the full press release, via UniCredit Bank, here.