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IBOS member Santander, along with Prosegur Cash, have teamed up to launch ‘Cash Today’, the first digital cash management service for businesses.

Cash Today acts as a smart safe with heightened security that pays cash directly into bank accounts and saves companies time with cash management.

As of 19 April, the digital solution is available and will benefit supermarkets, logistics firms, restaurants, distributors, service stations, pharmacies and other businesses.

Cash Today is designed to guarantee the cash merchants collect is held in a secure device and contractually insured. It mirrors the benefits of card payments so customers can have the cash the device confirms immediately in their Santander bank account.

Additionally, customers will be able to track all transactions on their Cash Today device in real time online, which boosts traceability and control over their businesses.

The multiple benefits automating cash management brings to businesses of all sizes include reducing risk and saving time.

Read the full press release via Santander here