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IBOS member Santander Bank Polska’s existing online banking system for corporates, iBiznes24, has been revamped and features an enhanced notification centre, a customisable dashboard, group work and automation of routine tasks.

The new look and functionalities of the existing iBiznes24 system are the result of consultations with entrepreneurs and consideration of their needs.

The new features of iBiznes24 changes the way companies interact with the Bank and introduces innovative aspects that will significantly improve remote banking for large companies and corporations.

What distinguishes the new iBiznes24 on the market is primarily the dashboard, tailored to the very high requirements of business and corporate customers.

The changes introduced, which resulted in an innovative electronic banking platform for companies on the Polish market, are aimed primarily at increasing the effectiveness of self-management of finances by entrepreneurs. The new tool is easy to use, saves time and, thanks to numerous system prompts, limits the risk of making mistakes when executing transactions.

Read the full press release via Santander here