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IBOS member Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has launched a full end-to-end transparency delivered by the RBC Express® Track Wire Payments feature, allowing companies with greater certainty around the status of their wire payments.

With today’s advanced technologies, customers have enhanced visibility into the real-time status of everything from online orders and food deliveries to flights and rides, alleviating the suspense of the wait. With RBC, the wait is now over for businesses looking for the same transparency and convenience with its wire payments.

RBC is a market leader in cross-border payments and has launched the RBC Express® Track Wire Payments feature as part of the Bank’s ongoing commitment to deliver seamless, digitally-enabled client payment experiences. This new capability allows business clients to track their wire payments in real-time through the Bank’s online business banking channel, RBC Express.

The RBC Express® Track Wire Payments solution leverages SWIFT’s global payments innovation (gpi) technology, the new standard and the most significant change in cross-border payments in the last 30 years. Companies can now track their wire payment from the moment it leaves RBC to the time it reaches the beneficiary’s bank at no additional cost. A transparent view of the exact status of a wire payment enables businesses to better plan and optimise their cash flow and predict their liquidity position.

Read the full press release via RBC here