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IBOS member PNC has announced that the Bank will acquire Tempus Technologies, Inc., a leading payment gateway provider that delivers secure and innovative payment-processing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The acquisition of Tempus Technologies will expand PNC Treasury Management’s payments platform, enabling corporate clients to manage payables and receivables through a single channel, spanning all payment rails.

Tempus Technologies’ unique solutions, which include mobile payments apps, payment portals, web services and more, will allow both prospective and existing clients enhanced flexibility with their payments processes.

Additionally, with end-to-end encryption of payment data through a single gateway, clients will have unilateral payments safeguards housed outside of their network – reducing both risk and costs.

Tempus Technologies solutions will be seamlessly integrated with PNC’s existing payments platforms, in order to provide clients with a comprehensive solutions suite for all their treasury needs.

Read the full press release via PNC here