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IBOS member Nordea is taking customer service to the next level through artificial intelligence (AI) by partnering with Estonian start-up Feelingstream.

By partnering with Feelingstream, Nordea will be able to respond more quickly to customers. The software developed by Feelingstream uses AI to automatically analyse text, opening up new opportunities for improving our customer service.

Sari Tempakka, head of Remote Service & Advice Finland at Nordea, commented:

“We are constantly improving the availability of our services to allow customers to access the solutions they need as smoothly as possible. Nordea is the only bank in Finland to offer banking services around the clock, every day of the year.

“Using artificial intelligence is a natural next step in improving our customer service. The introduction of Feelingstream’s application will allow us to respond to our customers’ queries faster than before, which will generate positive experiences.”

This is just one example of how Nordea is now partnering with several start-ups in the Nordic region, as a result of their participation in one of its two accelerator programmes .

The partnership with Feelingstream follows a successful pilot that was run with the start-up last year, which demonstrated the potential of the AI solution in improving Nordea’s customer service. The application is very flexible, and the first step will be to map out potential uses.

“It’s gratifying to see how the Accelerator hosted in 2015–2016 laid the groundwork for a good partnership with Feelingstream. The active and persistent efforts of the Nordea Digital Banking unit, in particular, have allowed us to offer real benefits to our customers from the Accelerator,” says Arto Kulha, a leader in Nordea Accelerator.

Nordea is also partnering with fintech hubs in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo. Partnerships are vital for the bank to better serve its customers by offering them new, relevant and valuable solutions faster.

Read the full press release, via Nordea, here.