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IBOS member KBC has announced its popular 100 Current Account offer for students returning for the third year in a row, published on Business World.

The KBC Student Current Account allows student customers in college and university to gain €100 when they open the new account. After making at least 10 debit transactions and activating online banking before the end of the year, the full €100 will be deposited into the account. The Current Account offers free, everyday banking, making it convenient for students.

KBC’s Student Mobile team will be helping students who are interested in applying for a Current Account at their local college throughout the month of September. This initiative allows students to ask further questions about the account and, allows students to gain more information about the benefits at a practical location.

In order to qualify for KBC’s Student Current Account, students simply apply online, by phone, at a local branch, or digitally through a KBC Student Mobile team at their campus.

Eddie Dillon, Director of Retail Products at KBC Bank Ireland commented:

This can be an expensive time of year for students and their families, between finding accommodation, and paying for course fees and materials. KBC’s Student Current Account offers students a cash boost of 100 to help out with the cost of college at the start of the new term, combined with free banking to give students better long-term value on banking throughout their studies.

Find out more about the account, via the Business World, here.