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IBOS member KBC (Brussels) and has announced that its customers can now open a business account digitally 24/7 for their new or existing company.

As of 25 June 2019, entrepreneurs can use a user-friendly digital process 24/7 via KBC (Brussels) / CBC Touch (PC and tablet) and KBC (Brussels) / CBC Mobile (smartphone) to create a new or existing company to open a business account. The customer also receives the account number immediately after successfully completing the process.

Additionally, KBC customers who start up a sole proprietorship can also open a business account digitally directly with KBC via the Xerius Enterprise Counter online platform.

When a KBC customer registers his sole proprietorship through Xerius, he can immediately choose to open a business account with KBC digitally in this process. Upon immediate activation of the business account, KBC automatically transfers the KBC account number back to Xerius.

For example, the account number is immediately included in the application to register the sole trader in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. This speeds up the application of the company number considerably, and also ensures that the entrepreneur can get started with his case faster.

In the Autumn, (self-employed) starters who are not yet KBC customers will be able to open a business account in the same way via Xerius, also at CBC and KBC Brussels.

Read the full press release via KBC here