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IBOS member KBC has announced that, as part of PSD2 requirements, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are now available in the KBC Developer Portal.

The KBC Developer Portal is where third parties may find the requisite APIs, pieces of software code that enable links to be established between applications from various parties, for linking customer current accounts.

One of the requirements laid down by PSD2 (the Second European Payment Services Directive regulating payments between authorised third parties and the customer) is having all the documentation on APIs publicly available. This requirement had to be fulfilled by 14 March 2019.

The KBC Developer Portal provides third party developers access to the APIs that they can use to link to the KBC’s customer account or initiate a payment. KBC is providing the new technology whilst securing customers’ privacy and strives for maximum protection of information.

The third parties using the APIs will be able to create and optimise new customer experience. Going forward, third parties can consult and gain access to the APIs via the KBC Developer Portal.

Third parties are defined as:

• payment initiation service providers;

• account information service providers; and

• payment service providers issuing card-based payment instruments.

Access to the KBC Developer Portal and use of the APIs are free of charge and on simple request by the third party.

Read the full press release via KBC here.