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IBOS member KBC has announced that its savings volume has increased further to 41.95 billion euros.

KBC/CBC’s regulated savings account remained popular in 2018, and savings at both KBC and CBC together amounted to 41.95 billion euros, resulting in an increase of 1.37 billion euros (or an increase of 3.4%) in comparison to 30 June 2018. Additionally, this illustrates an increase of 3.43 billion euros (an increase of 8.9%) compared to a year ago.

In 2018, 18% more new investment plans were opened, in which an average of € 250 per month is invested.

At the end of November, ‘Invest with your change’ was launched, an investment plan in KBC Mobile for small daily rounding amounts of payments via the current account. Less than a month after the start, 3,100 customers already used this new investment formula. The average rounding amount they invest amounts to 0.90 euros per day.Additionally, digital investing is gaining in popularity. More than 60% of the new subscriptions to the pension savings fund Pricos are digital today, and almost 80% of the additional payments. 1 in 2 investment plans (including “Invest with your change”) will now be digitally closed.

Read the full press release via KBC here