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IBOS member KBC has announced its Q2 2019 financial results, highlighting that the Bank is continuously generating an increase net profit. 

KBC’s net profit in the second quarter of 2019 equated to €745 million, in comparison to both the previous quarter (Q1 2019) which was €430 million and a year ago (Q2 2018) which was €692 million.

Q2 2019 benefited from a number of positive one-off items, the bulk of which concerned the 82-million-euro gain related to the acquisition of the remaining 45% stake in the Czech building savings bank, ČMSS.

KBC continues to prepare for the future with new banking technology and accommodating accordingly to its clients’ needs through KBC Live and other digital channels, especially with business clients as organisations are increasingly expected to be more agile.

In this quarter, KBC Bank Ireland is now in a position to fully concentrate on its core retail and micro SME customers, which has a negligible impact on KBC’s profit and capital ratios.

Read the full press release and comments from CEO Johan Thijs here