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IBOS member Banco Santander has announced the launch of “Overcome Together”, an open and accessible space for individuals and companies, which contains information and resources to help support the fight against Covid-19. 

Any person or company, whether or not a Santander customer, can access the site. “Overcome Together” offers a range of digital resources to mitigate the effects of the crisis including volunteering opportunities, official information, leisure alternatives, teleworking recommendations, etcetera. The resource is adapted to local needs with country-specific websites with information from official sources and digital resources focused and updated to address the most critical local needs.

This initiative is part of Banco Santander’s global aid programme, called Santander All. Together. Now, which includes a fund of at least €25 million for medical equipment and supplies, open to donations for the general public; liquidity facilities for businesses, and payment holidays to lessen the economic impact of the coronavirus.

The new space is accessible at and includes a section with official information from governments and assistance programmes for households (e.g. help with rent, official health information, leisure and sports alternatives), businesses and self-employed professionals.

“Overcome Together” also includes a map with the closest healthcare facilities, pharmacies, supermarkets and bank branches or ATMs from any bank.

The launch has begun in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, and will soon be extended to other countries in Europe and the Americas.

Read the full press release via Banco Santander here