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IBOS Association has been featured in Fintech Zoom, highlighting the benefits of joining the international banking alliance.

Read the full article, published 25 March 2022, here

IBOS is an international bank association with members from around the world. All the banks in the network are committed to providing the best international banking services to clients.

They offer banks and their client’s local knowledge on a global scale, so they can successfully expand their business internationally.

Through their membership of IBOS, banks can access a wider range of services they can offer to clients, providing international organizations with market-leading local banking support.

By working together and sharing each other’s services, members of the IBOS alliance can open up accounts for their corporate clients across different markets, earning the right to be the client’s first choice.

Each of our 34 members is a local banking leader in their domestic markets, bringing with them a wealth of experience, a history of success, a large local market share, and competitive prices.

Corporate clients trading internationally via member banks of IBOS can enjoy a more seamless, centralised, and enhanced experience when it comes to cash flow. Working with an IBOS bank, you can do business with your entire global supply chain as easily as if you were using just one bank.