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IBOS Association member Santander accelerates digitalisation of Global Transaction Banking services.

Santander Corporate and Investment Banking (Santander CIB) and SAP Spain have begun a partnership with the aim to boost digitalisation across Global Transaction Banking services. The goal is to co-innovate solutions around the concept of invisible banking, improving client-to-bank connectivity, providing financial tools to help its clients worldwide navigate supply chain disruptions and accelerating the decarbonisation of their industrial activities.

The service will streamline how Santander CIB approaches its clients, by leveraging the unique capabilities and expertise SAP can offer and co-innovate in value added solutions with multiple benefits: from streamlining the connectivity to value-added services related to counter-party risk, supply chain analytics, among others.

Santander CIB has become the first bank in the European Union to join SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity (MBC), thus bringing more efficiency to the onboarding process of new clients into Santander CIB’s footprint. This will enhance the overall client experience, including costs and implementation times to get a seamless connectivity experience.