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With a project focused on an innovative cash-in process in its shops, created in collaboration with IBOS Association member Intesa Sanpaolo, sporting goods retailer Decathlon has taken a step forwards in the digital transformation of its business and customer experience with a new financial solution for payments made by its customers at points of sale.

Through the creation of virtual bank accounts linked to individual stores, it will now be possible with a simple click to reconcile deferred payments made by individuals or the government, without the customer’s involvement in the transaction.

This simplification in the customer journey is the result of a project developed in cooperation with the Global Transaction Banking Department of Intesa Sanpaolo, headed by Stefano Favale, part of the IMI – Corporate & Investment Banking Division, headed by Chief Mauro Micillo, through software that will make the process more reliable, increase quality and considerably reduce the time required for oversight and administrative management.

In recognition of this achievement, Decathlon has been awarded “Best Transaction Management Solution” at the Adam Smith Awards by Treasury Today, universally recognised as the industry benchmark.

“For 30 years, we have been tackling each challenge by striving to improve our standards in order to offer ever-better solutions to our customers. The process of digital transformation and pursuit of excellence to which we have been spurred by Decathlon’s project and purpose have stimulated us to explore avenues of innovation in administrative and financial processes,” commented Davide Bertuzzi, CFO Decathlon Italy. “It is with pride and great satisfaction with what the team has succeeded in building that we accept the Best Transaction Management Solution award.”

“Intesa Sanpaolo has developed a new customer journey approach that allows customers to digitalise a large part of the processes related to cash management, procurement and fraud risk management,” commented Luca Monti, Head of International Corporate & Financial Institutions Sales at Intesa Sanpaolo’s Global Transaction Banking Department. “The virtual account platform developed and made operational for Decathlon is a perfect fit in terms of dematerialisation of administrative accounts, increased efficiency and the simplicity of automatic reconciliation, without interfering with end customers and while improving the service they receive.”