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Openbank, IBOS member Santander’s 100% digital bank, has launched an automated investment service (robo-advisor) and presents its new developments and features.

Openbank’s new developments, presented at the Openbank Media Day 2018, are now available to all customers and include the launch of the first automated investment by objectives system with micro-investing. This service will allow customers to maximise the value of their savings from a minimum of 500 euros. Along with this feature, Openbank is also launching a password and data manager that stores each customer’s passwords using the strictest security standards, as well as a card and device management system.

Openbank customers now have one of the most modern and comprehensive investment platforms in the market.

Openbank is the first bank in the world to offer its customers a password and data manager completely free of charge. Thanks to the flexibility and high security standards offered by the technology used by the bank, all customers have a space within the bank’s app (iOS and Android) where they can save the main passwords and details that they use in their daily lives. An unlimited number of passwords can be stored in the Openbank platform with maximum privacy and security.

The Bank understands that having a panoramic image of our financial situation, even if we have accounts and products in other banks, is important and is now possible through Openbank. Customers can view data from their accounts, loans, mortgages, insurance, deposits and investment products in other banks to understand their overall financial position and so make better decisions with more complete information.

Read the full press release via Banco Santander here.