Unicredit Tiriac Bank

Bank Information

Bank Name Unicredit Tiriac Bank
Bank Short Name UNTIR
Bank Type Associate Bank
Operating Country Romania
Number of Domestic Branches 228
Number of non-domestic Branches

Registered Address

Unicredit Tiriac Bank


UniCredit Tiriac Bank is part of the UniCredit Group network, the largest banking group in Central and Eastern Europe. UniCredit Tiriac Bank is a genuine "one-stop-shop" of financial services, with around 600,000 customers and 245 branches.

The bank provides a wide range of specialised products and services in Romania, through its partners, UniCredit Leasing Corporation, UniCredit CAIB Securities, UniCredit CAIB Romania, UniCredit Insurance Broker, Pioneer Asset Management, UniCredit Consumer Finance and UniCredit Processes and Administration.

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Market Position

6th position in local market.

Membership of Clearings

EBA clearer (as indirect participant)